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1. 切勿使用粗言穢語,淫褻不雅字句及人身攻擊語句.
2. 此為客戶應用的設計介面,本公司將自動刪除有關抄襲或侵犯著作權的設計,有關法律責任由設計者自行承擔.
3. 系統上的衣服顏色及圖案顏色均只可作設計參考, 衣服及圖案的真實顏色需視乎實際布料及圖案的可用性.
4. iGift保留客戶在此系統所有資料的最終決定權 

1. Do not use offensive, indecent and personal-critic comments.
2. All designs which may violate intellectual property right or copyright will be deleted, liability will be responsible by the designers.
3. The color of the style and logo in diy system is just for style reference. The actual color of garment and logo is subject to the availability of the fabric and feasiblity of logo printing.
4. iGift reserves all the rights for design information/images generated from this system
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